Industry Expertise

Coombs & Dunlap, LLP attorneys have expertise in a broad range of industries.

At Coombs & Dunlap, LLP, we specialize in growing Napa Valley businesses and serving the individuals and families who run them. We understand the business climate here and know how to work efficiently with the various governmental and regulatory agencies and districts in Napa Valley. This translates into swift and successful legal resolutions for our clients.

Some of the many industries we represent include:

Hospitality Industry: The tourist industry is a major part of our community, and our attorneys in the Business, Real Estate, and Land Use Departments have the local experience to provide expert legal advice if you own, manage or support an inn, hotel, restaurant, caterer, spa or other businesses serving Napa Valley’s tourists.

Wine Industry: Our community is justifiably famous for the wines, winemakers, growers, and the people and industries that support them. If you own a winery or are interested in starting one, have questions about developing your tasting room, are active in shipping wine or making labels for vintners, our Wine Law department is ready to help you. Our long history and depth of local knowledge provide valuable assistance to owners, growers and managers.

Professional Service Firms: We can provide expert advice to accountants, real estate brokers, insurance firms, information technology companies, architects, engineers and other professional service firms to assist in choosing the best entity for their business, obtaining appropriate permits, providing counsel for employee and customer relations, and any other needs that arise in running a business in Napa Valley. Our Employment, Real Estate, Land Use, and Business Departments have extensive experience in the particulars of doing business in Napa Valley, and our Estate Planning Department can make sure you plan for the successful continuation of your business.

Construction and Manufacturing Industries: Our Valley is an ever growing and changing place, and we have been in the forefront of making Napa Valley what it is since our inception. We regularly counsel developers, contractors, homeowners, landowners, industry supply companies and other development and manufacturing related businesses in navigating the many opportunities in Napa Valley. The attorneys in our Business, Employment, Land Use, Litigation, Municipal Law and Real Estate departments are available to provide the expert advice you need to smoothly run your business.

Healthcare Professionals: An important component in Napa Valley is the health care professionals that serve the people who live and work in our community. We represent doctors, dentists, hospitals and related industries with their special legal needs. Our Business and Employment Law departments have attorneys experienced in providing the legal services that are specific to healthcare professionals and businesses in our area.

Nonprofit Organizations: Our attorneys support and serve on non-profit boards, and are very familiar with their structure and particular organizational needs. From the development of a non-profit entity to dealing with the day to day details of the running of the organization, our Business, Employment and related departments are ready to assist.

Service and Supply Companies: We have helped many small businesses get their start, and continue to grow, in Napa Valley. If you have your own plumbing business or moving company, or any of the other businesses necessary to sustain a community, our small business experienced attorneys in Business, Employment, Land Use, Litigation, and Real Estate can provide you with all the assistance you require.

We know that people are what make businesses successful, and in supporting the business people in all aspects of their lives, not only their businesses, is what makes Coombs & Dunlap, LLP such a successful, full service firm. Our Estate Planning and Administration Department and Family Law attorneys and general civil litigators can all help when the need arises.