Writs & Appeals

On appeal, a client’s success depends almost entirely on the ability of the attorney to draft a clear, concise, and persuasive brief.

For this reason, the process of appealing a trial court’s decision requires an attorney who can digest and analyze complex issues, and explain them and their client’s positions through clear and concise prose. Our attorneys pride themselves on these abilities, with proven success representing clients before both California State and Federal Courts of Appeal. Moreover, the procedural rules and deadlines that govern appellate practice are significantly different from those that govern practice in trial courts. Many appeals are dismissed because attorneys familiar with trial practice were unaware of these special rules and procedures. Because of the extensive experience that Coombs & Dunlap, LLP attorneys have in prosecuting and defending appeals, we understand the intricate and sometimes complex procedures involved in representing clients before the Courts of Appeal.

  • Appeals of civil judgments
  • Appeals of interlocutory orders by trial courts
  • Writ practice
  • Motion practice before courts of appeal
  • Practice before federal and state courts of appeal